Welcome to Circle

Circle  Welcome to Circle


Welcome to Circle. In this guide we will get you familiarised with the basics. First, let's introduce some terminology we use on our platform:


Community refers to a managed organisation with an outreach to groups of people sharing common interests and undertaking joint activities. The platform assigns a unique URL (name.circle.mt) to each community that leads to a dedicated Community Shop Page.

We use the term follower for individual users that have an interest in a community’s activities. Individuals become community followers when they either click on the red heart on the Community Shop Page, or automatically on their first engagement.

When a follower engages with a community by placing an order, then he is also considered as a Customer.


We refer to community activity as campaigns. A campaign is an activity, organised by a Community through the platform, that entails follower engagement with or without a payment. A campaign entails the creation and publishing of a product on the platform.

Circle is extremely versatile and can be used in many situations such as:

  • Social events like dinners, talks and drinks
  • Sports and theatrical events
  • Memberships with multiple tiers
  • Donations
  • Facility rentals such as sport pitches, halls and training rooms
  • Appointments with professionals
  • Merchandise
  • Kits and uniforms
  • Publications
  • Classes


The community account holder, referred to as the Community Leader in the Terms of Use, is the person on whom the Community has been subscribed to a plan with Circle. The leader is responsible for all the community campaigns and the orders that ensue.

Leaders can delegate specific roles to community staff to assist in the administration of campaigns.

The interface

Logging in with a community account will give you access to a completely different interface than followers. As a community account holder or community staff,  you will have access to set up your community, launch campaigns, and manage follower engagements or bookings*. 

The administrative menu offers the following functionality:

  • Community:  Maintain information about the community, view and manage followers and customers, and manage staff members*.
  • Campaigns: Create new products and manage current ones, view and export engagements, issue discounts*, and answer follower questions.
  • Engagements: View and process payments of all the orders you have received and address support tickets raised by your customers.
  • Bookings*: Create and maintain bookable resources, manage bookings and access the booking calendar.
  • My Account: Maintain your account details, plan subscription, access help and log out. 

Setting up

Set up your Circle Community Account to get the most out of the platform.

Adding a Product Campaign

Learn the best way to create and present products to attract engagements for your campaign.


Successful campaigns will attract many engagements. Learn how to fulfil your orders, process your payments, offer support and more.