Setting Up

Circle  Setting Up

Setting up your community

Congratulations, you have successfully activated your Circle community account. Before getting busy with your campaigns, we need to dedicate a few minutes on settings and inputting some basic details about you and your organisation.

Profile Manager

In the profile manager you can maintain your personal details, contacts and subscription.  The profile manager can be accessed from My account > Profile

There are 3 tabs each allowing you to update a particular set of details:

In this tab you can maintain information about yourself as the account holder.  Information includes: 

  • Avatar (personal photo)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email* (must be verified)
  • Phone – this will not be published
  • Option to change password

In this tab you need to enter the community’s postal address. This address will be shared with followers and will feature on invoices.

This tab shows your current plan and when it is due to renewal. 

Community Store Settings

The community store settings contains all the information that identifies your community.  You can access it from the Community > Settings menu. 

There are 5 tabs on the left each allowing you to update a particular set of details:

In this tab you can update general information about your community. 

  • Logo: Upload a large clear logo on a white background, preferably in PNG format. This image will appear throughout the site and on invoices*.
  • Shop name: The name of your organisation as you want it to appear on the platform and invoices.
  • Seller info: Enter a brief description of your organisation. This will only appear underneath your products in the Community Info tab.
  • Shop description: A description of your organisation, where you can provide some additional background. This will only appear on the Community Shop Page.

In this tab you will be able to set up your online payment channels.

At this point, we are only integrating with PayPal. With PayPal, you will also be able to accept card payments.

A PayPal account can be created for free and subsequently linked to your community from Community Settings. Note that PayPal charges a per-transaction fee.  Read more about PayPal Business Accounts here.

In this tab you can set your engagement policies. These will be automatically applied to all products unless you determine otherwise whilst adding or editing the product

There are two policies:

  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy

This tab contains information that will enable followers and customers to contact you.

  • Short name: Assign a short name or abbreviation for the community.  This will appear on window and browser tabs.  
  • Website (optional): The organisations’ website URL. This will be published on the community shop page.
  • Contact number (optional): Input the telephone number you want to share with your followers. This number will be published on the Community Shop Page and invoices.

The first five data items (optional) include important information that will not apply to all communities. This information will appear on the Community Shop Page and invoices. Ensure that this data is complete and correct.

  • VAT Number
  • VAT Exemption Permit Number (EXO) 
  • Voluntary Organisation Registration Number
  • Sport Malta Registration Number
  • Police Special Permit

In the Direct Payment Instructions field you can input free-text instructions to guide customers who opt to pay you directly. By way of example, here you can outline:

  • what modes of direct payment you accept such as cheque, cash, and direct banking;
  • information such as your IBAN details, cheque addressees or who processes payments;
  • policies related to payment collection and due dates; and/or
  • reservation limits for unpaid products.

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