Product Updates

Circle  Product Updates

29 August 19

  • Portal rebranding – now we are
  • Redesign of community UX for easier admin experience

20 August 19

  • Introduced ApcoPay as payment integration
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes

15 July 19

  • Improved campaign data export tool with better data presention in CSV format
  • New Admin processes report – Report to aid back-office reconciliation
  • Introdcution of visual analytics reporting tool

29 May 19

  • Introduced deposit facility splitting payments into timed orders – available on request
  • Introduced accommodation booking facility – available on request
  • Introduced new reporting features
  • Introduction of analytics tools
  • General UX and design updates 
  • New CSV export features introduced
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes

22 April 19

  • Introduced three subscription plans – Essential, Budding, and Impact
  • Launched bookings and resources for Budding and Impact plan subscribers. Communities can now rent premises and schedule appointments for free or against a fee
  • Budding and Impact plan subscribers can now add fields to collect custom data from users with according pricing
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

31 March 19

  • Orders can be marked as delivered/collected from   Process Payments
  • New optional order fields added – days of the week, a date selector, ID number
  • Fixed bug/anomaly in campaign report  generation

17 March 19

  • URL assigned to community shops –
  • Updates to payment at checkout – clearer instructions to users
  • Updated order cancellation fixing bug retaining transaction value in reports
  • Other bug fixes

06 March 19

  • Reports tab under the Campaigns menu has been added.
  • New reporting functionality will allow administrators to list and export order details by specific campaign and time stamps.
  • Users will now start to be notified by email each time a note is added to their orders.
  • Various bug fixes.