Circle  Bookings*

Bookings allows you to set up Bookable Products featuring resources or persons that can be reserved, rented or hired (as applicable). Bookable Products can be given customisable dates, costs and duration, and can be purchased similar to other Circle products. 

In addition to characteristics common across all product types, Bookable Products can also be assigned options such as availability, base and block pricing, and assigned persons and resources as needed.

The Bookings functionality is not ideal for one-off events. Simple or Variable Products will most likely serve you better.



Throughout the Bookings pages, you will come across a number of shortcuts buttons found in the top bar.

The shortcuts are explained below:

  • Bookings list
  • Calendar view
  • Create bookable resource
  • Manage resources
  • Create booking

Learn to use Bookings

Adding a Bookable Product

Allows booking of a resource such as a sports facility or for setting an appointment with a person such as a trainer.

Managing Bookings

View, approve, add, edit or cancel bookings you have received from your followers.

Managing Resources

Create and manage resources that are linked to Bookable Products.